The Struggle Is real! Musician Survival

How have I survived here in the music industry?  By the skin of my teeth.  Throughout the years, with a combination of necessity, creativity, and resourcefulness I have developed a way to utilize my skills and survive in the process.

I have been able to write, record, and promote my own music as well as help others to achieve their goals in this arena. I own a recording studio with 3 live rooms and a nicely outfitted control room.  I have enough live gear and sound reinforcements to outfit any small corporate live sound gig or small live band venue; my company, Royal Audio Productions is successfully offering “Social Media Management Services” as well.

Furthermore, my recording studio at Royal Audio Productions does everything you can expect a full-fledged recording studio to do.

Sometimes I make the cut, and sometimes I struggle.  Not to mention battling with my ADHD.  No excuses, I feel in many ways it has greatly empowered me. So often I realize how spread thin and frantic I can become.

I am months away from releasing my biggest project yet “90 Dias”.  It is my hope that this project will showcase all of my efforts as an artist, engineer, and social media promoter and ultimately show the world why I am here in the first place, through my message.

So ultimately, after a lifetime in music, learning to play and creating from a very young age, I hope to eventually “cash in” on all of my skills, as a result of hard work and perseverance.

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