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A musical double agent, working nightclubs with Live PA sets and the rock show circuit as a Front Man/Lead Singer/Guitarist, Burton L. creates music that combines rich synthesizer lines with attitude alongside fast-fingered guitar licks, and vocal harmonies of his part-gravelly, part-golden voice. Throw in his occasional gangsta rap lyrics and neo-folk-crooning-style acoustic numbers, and you begin to see the tip of the iceberg of his broad tastes and talents.

These musical mash-up comes part from studying classical guitar from the age of seven, performing at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall at age ten and eleven, and an then leaning towards jazz, blues and rock in his teenage years., Burton’s extensive recording and engineering experience dates back to high school at the dawn on the digital recording era. Now he is a skilled engineer, producer and studio owner.

Some people may say that electronic and live elements can’t be mixed; Burton will do it anyway. In fact, his who-gives-a-shit attitude is one of the most refreshing aspects of his music. Like Beck, John Spencer, and Moby before him, Burton L. fuses a slew of genres into a seductive pattern, proving that the hybrid of studio synth know-how and six-string talent can create music that is entertaining and refreshing.





Press Kit