Has Music Saved Your Life In Ninety Dias?

We are now starting our awareness campaign of my project Ninety Dias! A pre-promotion. It will launch around the holidays 2017.

3 years in the making and over a decade of musical works. 90 Dias will be an inside look at my life and music.  An in-depth expose of an artist, who has been through it all, almost died several times, yet music kept saving my life!

Excerpt From The Website


90 songs, 90 Writings, 90 Video Explanations, in 90 days.

All original music, writings, live performances and video explanations by Burton L: Brilliant Songwriter / Music Producer / Underground Party Promoter / Studio Owner / Sweet Lover / A.D.H.D. Poster Child. Years of partying like a rock star, Drug & Sex Fixation / Alcoholism, living life, fast and hard through Masochistic Ways of all kinds, only to have it all come crashing down. Your all around tortured dude next door and “the best friend you’ve ever had” in the same breath.  Can now bring you, “through slight reform” a taste of his ethos, every day for 90 Days. Please check out About This Project.

We have built an automated WordPress site to launch 1 song, 1 video confession and 1 writing, everyday for 90 Days consecutive, using YouTube and Soundcloud to host our media and utilizing Mailchimp and Contant contact to mangage our emails and responders.

If this seems like this is allot to manage, it is! This is a huge body of work!

Sometimes I want to freak out, break it all down, give up, but I know my existence here is to share my message with the world.

This feat I have taken on seems almost unobtainable at times. This project has gotten bigger and bigger around every turn. I open a door and there is a hallway, I go down the hallway and there is an alley, I follow the alley into a field, I sow the field, harvest the crops and realize there is still yet a forest to navigate through.

Stay strong Burton, stay calm and focus on the big picture.

I believe, if you stay consistent enough to finish something great, regardless of the pain, you will be a better person. No mater how hard it is.

In the mean time, I will be standing strong!


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The Struggle Is real! Musician Survival

How have I survived here in the music industry?  By the skin of my teeth.  Throughout the years, with a combination of necessity, creativity, and resourcefulness I have developed a way to utilize my skills and survive in the process.

I have been able to write, record, and promote my own music as well as help others to achieve their goals in this arena. I own a recording studio with 3 live rooms and a nicely outfitted control room.  I have enough live gear and sound reinforcements to outfit any small corporate live sound gig or small live band venue; my company, Royal Audio Productions is successfully offering “Social Media Management Services” as well.

Furthermore, my recording studio at Royal Audio Productions does everything you can expect a full-fledged recording studio to do.  www.RoyalAudioProducitons.com

Sometimes I make the cut, and sometimes I struggle.  Not to mention battling with my ADHD.  No excuses, I feel in many ways it has greatly empowered me. So often I realize how spread thin and frantic I can become.

I am months away from releasing my biggest project yet “90 Dias”.  It is my hope that this project will showcase all of my efforts as an artist, engineer, and social media promoter and ultimately show the world why I am here in the first place, through my message. www.NinetyDias.com

So ultimately, after a lifetime in music, learning to play and creating from a very young age, I hope to eventually “cash in” on all of my skills, as a result of hard work and perseverance.

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New Remix/Mashup With Deadmau5 of his track Snowcone

I performed my song Evil, added a different chorus, in a different key to Deadmau5’s track Snowcone. Each take was done live with no edits and no rehearsals to the track before hand. Each video of me singing is one of the harmonies your hear on the track. The 4th video is me and friends jamming to the track also one take, no edits, no rehearsals. I just let my friends hear the track once and encouraged them to chime in when ever. Notice, Robocop dancing in the background in one of my live rooms at my recording studio. Also, my dog Moto @3:50, knocking over the camera in the middle of the shoot trying to play with his giant rope ball! This was filmed at my recording studio, Royal Audio Productions. www.RoyalAudioProductions.com


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New Album In the Works With Some Of The Members Of Wu Tang Clan

New Hip Hop! These songs will be hard hitting, beat filled and melodic as F@%K. Working with some incredible artists like “Killah Priest and Ghost Face Killah from the Wu Tang Clan.  Release dates coming soon!

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Tinkering @ Royal Audio Productions Studio

Bass sounds amazing through the Neve Portico. If you want that smooth silky bass.  Vocals sound killer too.  Its not an inexpensive piece of gear, but its all the bang for your buck!

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Mixing Down Tracks With Killah Priest and Darcy

Its been a long time coming folks. We still have some recording to do and I will be posting samples of our work soon. Killah Priest, Darcy and I are slaying these songs over the freshets bests out right now! More to come!

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Burton L and Darcy Live At Resonate 10 at the Metro May 2nd 2015

Were bringing a live PA and our vocals to the Metro for Freak Easy’s Resonate X

It was confirmed today!!

Darcy and I are super excited to be involved in this event. Freak Easy have been good and close friends of ours for years. Darcy and I are Freaks at heart and were gonna bring it to this show so purchase your tickets in advance!

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