New Remix/Mashup With Deadmau5 of his track Snowcone

I performed my song Evil, added a different chorus, in a different key to Deadmau5’s track Snowcone. Each take was done live with no edits and no rehearsals to the track before hand. Each video of me singing is one of the harmonies your hear on the track. The 4th video is me and friends jamming to the track also one take, no edits, no rehearsals. I just let my friends hear the track once and encouraged them to chime in when ever. Notice, Robocop dancing in the background in one of my live rooms at my recording studio. Also, my dog Moto @3:50, knocking over the camera in the middle of the shoot trying to play with his giant rope ball! This was filmed at my recording studio, Royal Audio Productions.


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