Has Music Saved Your Life In Ninety Dias?

We are now starting our awareness campaign of my project Ninety Dias! A pre-promotion. It will launch around the holidays 2017.

3 years in the making and over a decade of musical works. 90 Dias will be an inside look at my life and music.  An in-depth expose of an artist, who has been through it all, almost died several times, yet music kept saving my life!

Excerpt From The Website


90 songs, 90 Writings, 90 Video Explanations, in 90 days.

All original music, writings, live performances and video explanations by Burton L: Brilliant Songwriter / Music Producer / Underground Party Promoter / Studio Owner / Sweet Lover / A.D.H.D. Poster Child. Years of partying like a rock star, Drug & Sex Fixation / Alcoholism, living life, fast and hard through Masochistic Ways of all kinds, only to have it all come crashing down. Your all around tortured dude next door and “the best friend you’ve ever had” in the same breath.  Can now bring you, “through slight reform” a taste of his ethos, every day for 90 Days. Please check out About This Project.

We have built an automated WordPress site to launch 1 song, 1 video confession and 1 writing, everyday for 90 Days consecutive, using YouTube and Soundcloud to host our media and utilizing Mailchimp and Contant contact to mangage our emails and responders.

If this seems like this is allot to manage, it is! This is a huge body of work!

Sometimes I want to freak out, break it all down, give up, but I know my existence here is to share my message with the world.

This feat I have taken on seems almost unobtainable at times. This project has gotten bigger and bigger around every turn. I open a door and there is a hallway, I go down the hallway and there is an alley, I follow the alley into a field, I sow the field, harvest the crops and realize there is still yet a forest to navigate through.

Stay strong Burton, stay calm and focus on the big picture.

I believe, if you stay consistent enough to finish something great, regardless of the pain, you will be a better person. No mater how hard it is.

In the mean time, I will be standing strong!


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