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Has Music Saved Your Life In Ninety Dias?

We are now starting our awareness campaign of my project Ninety Dias! A pre-promotion. It will launch around the holidays 2017. 3 years in the making and over a decade of musical works. 90 Dias will be an inside look

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The Struggle Is real! Musician Survival

How have I survived here in the music industry?  By the skin of my teeth.  Throughout the years, with a combination of necessity, creativity, and resourcefulness I have developed a way to utilize my skills and survive in the process.

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New Remix/Mashup With Deadmau5 of his track Snowcone

I performed my song Evil, added a different chorus, in a different key to Deadmau5’s track Snowcone. Each take was done live with no edits and no rehearsals to the track before hand. Each video of me singing is one

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Mixing Down Tracks With Killah Priest and Darcy

Its been a long time coming folks. We still have some recording to do and I will be posting samples of our work soon. Killah Priest, Darcy and I are slaying these songs over the freshets bests out right now!

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Burton L and Darcy Live At Resonate 10 at the Metro May 2nd 2015

Were bringing a live PA and our vocals to the Metro for Freak Easy’s Resonate X It was confirmed today!! Darcy and I are super excited to be involved in this event. Freak Easy have been good and close friends

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