My name is Burton L

Burton L is a multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer. Burton L specializes in Hip Hop, Rock, Acoustic, Down-Tempo and House Music. He currently works with Wu-Tang Clan members, Ghost Face Killah and Killah Priest.

Burton L is a classically trained guitar player with a heavy background in rock music and then submerged into electronic music production, he skillfully mashes them together. His music covers subjects of love, strength and conquering inner battles.

Burton L is a top notch audio engineer.  He blends and mixes multiple genres together with ease.


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Burton L  @BurtonLmusic
I liked a @YouTube video kleft - portal (ableton live looping performance) 
Burton L  @BurtonLmusic
Can any one say Live P.A.? I’ll def be pumping out something serious with the new rig! Figured it was time for a ne… 
Burton L  @BurtonLmusic
I liked a @YouTube video Ancient Healing Frequencies | 528Hz & 432Hz Known for deep Emotional and Physical